Is Radeon finally a threat?

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The Graphics Battle Begins!

On September 3rd, Nvidia shook the PC enthusiast world with its new RTX 3000 series. In the months that have followed, after the release of these cards (and some resulting disappointment,) we have been waiting for AMD’s response to Nvidia’s Ampere architecture.

It seems AMD had been paying attention, as it announced a new line of products on Wednesday, and these products have so far lived up to the hype of early rumors, promising to deliver competitive performance at very competitive pricing. Not many were expecting AMD’s offerings to be nearly this competitive, as Nvidia has held a reasonably strong lead over AMD in the graphics department for many years now. …

Are insanely long ranges just a gimmick?

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Image of Model S from Tesla’s website

With most Americans driving a daily commute between 20 and 40 miles on average, it’s easy to get extremely confused looking at modern electric vehicles. Tesla’s flagship vehicle, the Tesla Model S, boasts a range of a whopping 402 miles. I wouldn’t want to make a habit of driving 400 miles in one sitting unless I’m getting paid, and I wouldn’t recommend doing so to anyone, but this Tesla (currently priced at $69,420) can do it.

So the question must be raised: why?

We are Americans, of course. We also rely very heavily on our cars compared to the rest of the world. Tesla is based in America, so it makes sense to want a car that could make it from Austin to Houston without stopping to so much as think about charging. …

How I realized that this is truly the end of the Intel era.

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If you keep up with the tech world, even to a minimal extent, you may be aware that Intel has been struggling for the past few years. I was recently catching up on some news, however, and I (rather abruptly) concluded that Intel, the company which had all but dominated the world of computer processing in the past 42 years, is dying.

That’s right, I’m calling it here.

Intel is dying.

For someone who had been an Intel fan from childhood, this was quite a shock. The first PC I toyed with at a very young age was powered by Intel. My first laptop was powered by Intel. Back in 2012, I built my first computer, and it was powered by Intel. And yet, I dare to say that Intel is dying. How did this happen? Why would I come to such a bold conclusion? …


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