Intel Is Dying, And We Can’t Save It

How I realized that this is truly the end of the Intel era.

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Arch-nemesis AMD

Although my first instinct is to attribute the death of Intel to the release of AMD’s Zen platform, AMD isn’t solely to blame. Since 2012, Intel was the hare taking a nap under a tree. Performance-wise, Intel did not progress, leading many (including myself) to proclaim that “Moore’s Law is dead!”

Apple Silicon, RISC-V, and other developments

Then came WWDC 2020, Apple’s annual conference held to prepare software developers for upcoming changes and additions (and, of course, show them off to the world.) Apple is another idol from my childhood, and I remember watching each keynote through to the end.

Human Bloatware

The final (and most devastating) nail in the coffin doesn’t come from another company, or even from some revolutionary technology like RISC-V, but from within Intel itself.

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